Everyday Innovation

Fresenius Umwelttechnik’s research and development department is working on the innovations of tomorrow. With a view to the future and a team of young people with visions, we never cease to come up with new ideas that we implement on the basis of our long-term experience.

For 170 years, the name Fresenius has been synonymous with innovative and free thinking, giving things a try and moving them forward. We stick to these facts in the development of innovative products and solutions that are setting standards in a great variety of sectors. While doing so, customer orientation is of paramount importance to us, which means that each and every research and development activity is focused on the ideal implementation of the requirements posed by our customers and the market.

Such implementation requires inventiveness and creativity, which are qualities our experienced and highly motivated experts possess and complete by additionally falling back on external resources such as higher education institutions and universities. Thanks to a professional product management, the operational execution occurs on schedule and with maximum quality.

Here you can have a look at our current and future projects and/or the technical innovations incorporated into a new product or process.