Company Profile

Greentech Made in Germany for a sustainable future worldwide, we take our innovative ideas from the heart of Germany into the world and that since more than 30 years.

As a leading manufacturer of gas analysers and process monitoring instruments, our engineers and scientists develop state-of-the-art measurement technology for a wide range of industrial processes and sectors. With long-term stability and continuously reliable operation, our monitoring instruments are used worldwide.

Mission Statement

Our daily actions are guided by clear values:
Quality, Customer Commitment and Innovation

As a company that develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance gas monitoring equipment for quality assurance and safety, we are aware of our responsibility towards our customers. For this reason, the quality of our products is our top priority. We place high standards on our gas monitoring instruments with the claim that every gas monitoring instrument from Fresenius Umwelttechnik GmbH fully meets or exceeds these requirements.

Beyond supplying our customers with state-of-the-art technology, we also provide support as a reliable partner which extends far beyond the planning, installation and commissioning of a gas monitoring system. Whether you order complete solutions or individual devices from us, we always look at your processes from a comprehensive perspective and support you at all times in optimizing your processes. In this way, we can provide the right solution for every challenge.

SERVICE is a high priority for us. We do all necessary maintenance work on our own instruments as well as on instruments of other manufacturers. Our response times are short to minimize expensive downtime.

Many years of experience, the close contact to our customers and our know-how in the field of gas analytics enable us to realize even new challenges and projects. In doing so, we focus on technologically innovative and high-quality solutions for the sustainable economic success of our customers. Everyday business of our qualified employees is guided by this vision.

As a medium-sized family business, we have developed into a global technology leader in the fields of renewable energies, recycling and metal processing. Our goal is to become the technology leader in additional markets by driving innovation and market-oriented developments.

175 years of tradition

We are looking to the future and remain committed to our tradition. Progress is a tradition at Fresenius, and has been for 175 years. Fresenius Umwelttechnik has its beginnings in the chemical laboratory founded by Carl Remigius Fresenius in 1848, which has been an established part of the chemical industry ever since. In the Environmental Engineering business sector, founded in 1992, we develop, produce and sell gas analyzers at our future-oriented site in Herten. We combine this with a growing range of services and, as a system partner, also provide consulting support to industry.


around 1800


Carl Remigius Fresenius founds the „Chemische Laboratorium Fresenius“ in Wiesbaden.


Carl Remigius Fresenius establishes his “Magazine for Analytical Chemistry".
Bearing the name “Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry", it is still published today.

around 1900


Women are incorporated into education and training for the first time.


State certification for chemical engineering education.


The Fresenius Institut becomes market leader in product and environment analytics.


The test departement is changed into INSTITUT FRESENIUS Chemische und Biologische Laboratorien.


INSTITUT FRESENIUS moves to Taunusstein.


Establishment of a network of partner companies and partner universities abroad
Development of innovative technical solutions in the field of gas withdrawal and measurement
“Fresenius Akademie"  – an institute for advanced education – is founded by the Fresenius
Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences).


Fresenius Umwelttechnik is founded.


The Fresenius Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) moves from Wiesbaden to Idstein.

around 2000


Eco Analytics AG Switzerland becomes a partner


Fresenius Umwelttechnik offers the development of customized analytical systems


Commissioning of the central laboratory for routine analytics in Herten


With Freon analysis, Fresenius Umwelttechnik becomes market leader in the refrigerant
and recycling industry


GreenLab Hungary becomes a partner


Pasch Y CIA. Spain becomes a partner


Development of a continuous gas analyzer for solvents
Ptech LTD. UK becomes a service partner


Launch of the simple and intelligent BioBasic biogas analyzer


Palgo AB Sweden becomes a partner


Development of the first NDIR-based formaldehyde gas analyzer
Sarlin Oy Ab Finland, Frew Process Group USA, Palmary Technology China Ltd.,
Gruter et Marchand France and Orion S.r.l. Italy become partners


Relocation to new premises in Herten (former Ewald coal mining site)
Development of the innovative GA150-315 analyzer generation
Atut SP.z.o.o. Poland and Multi Instruments B.V. Netherlands become partners


Fresenius Umwelttechnik presents new product lines and internationalizes its distribution
Capacity expansion


Fresenius Umwelttechnik presents a new product line and starts a sales offensive.


Market launch of the portable analyzer, zirconium oxide device and data logger.


25 years Fresenius Umwelttechnik – the company celebrates its birthday.


Fresenius Umwelttechnik emerged from the Fresenius Chemical Laboratory founded by Carl Remigius Fresenius in 1848 and looks back on more than 175 years of corporate tradition in Germany. Since then, the name Fresenius is synonymous with tradition and sustainability.

Sustainability as the guiding principle of our thoughts and actions is an essential part of our corporate strategy and determines our daily work. We combine economic performance with ecological responsibility and social justice.

Economic sustainability
As a medium-sized family business, we are profitably positioned and are therefore in a process of constant alignment and further development. On this basis and in coordination with our stakeholders and other external resources, we are in constant dialog to further develop our range of services and our strategic orientation. In doing so, we are guided equally by the principles of sustainability and innovation.
Successful management requires profitability and sustainability in our actions. On the basis of a certified management system, we secure and develop our process quality with the help of various evaluation and communication instruments. Our goal is to play an active role in shaping technological change. In doing so, we are guided by the interests of our customers as well as the requirements of the labor market and companies.

Ecological sustainability
Fresenius Umwelttechnik supports the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact. In addition, we are reducing our annual carbon footprint with the declared goal of climate neutrality in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. We want to create transparency about our sustainability performance and, together with our employees, make a positive contribution to the future every day.
Our quality management system is based on ISO 9001:2015.

Social sustainability
The knowledge, skills and experience of our employees are the most important factors in achieving the high quality and cutting-edge nature of our products and services. We promote the individual development of our employees on the basis of a trustful management culture. The focus of personnel development is on the continuous development and expansion of technical, methodological and social skills.

To achieve our economic and ecological goals, we must work together in an atmosphere that is open, productive and supportive. Fresenius Umwelttechnik sees itself as a gender- and family-friendly, inclusive and intercultural company that excludes any discrimination based on personal and social characteristics.

By signing the “Diversity Charter", Fresenius Umwelttechnik commits itself to a corporate culture characterized by mutual recognition and participation of “all" in the company, regardless of gender, ethnic and social origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or ideology.